Thursday, September 25, 2014

Basement Waterproofing: The Smartest Investment

Basement waterproofing might be the last thing in your mind as of the moment. It seems you don't care about it or you don't pay enough attention on how important it is.

However, never underestimate your basement. Your basement holds your house. It's the reason why it's still standing even with strong winds, heavy rains, melting snow and extreme heat.


Your basement needs your love. You show the love by choosing to call a team of waterproofing experts to fix the external and internal areas.

A waterproofed basement, especially in stilt (photo above), protects you and your family from all types of respiratory diseases. Waterproofing acts a shield against flood, everyday molds and pet manure.

During Superstorm Sandy, Bart Belkin was one of the survivors in Fairfield County. He refused to leave his house despite of the blustery weather. What's his reason?

Here's The Story

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WATCH: The Sandy Aftermath

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Before things get too late, hire someone to waterproof your basement. Contact VULCAN!

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