Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Will You Waterproof Your Concrete Basement Floor?

Basement floor waterproofing should be your priority especially when you live in New York City. A radon study reveals an average-sized basement with concrete floor produces 15 to 18 gallons of moisture daily.

When the moisture becomes too much, it results to unnecessary amount of water vapor, musty smell, humid temperature and mold growth.When ignored, all those things mentioned above eventually destroys your basement. Cracks start to appear in every corner. Stubborn stains in the walls and floor. And who knows, rats and insects stay inside your washing machine and cabinet. It's a terrible picture, right?

That's why; waterproof the floor before things get too late. Start by sealing the cracks then apply epoxy paint all over. These basic techniques are do-it-yourself project and will assure you of a healthy environment that lasts five years or more.

* * * 
Professional floor waterproofing is also available in New Jersey and Connecticut. Just complete the form in this link and wait for a reply.