Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fitness Gyms Need Rubber Flooring

Among the public shops in America, a fitness gym is one specific place with the busiest foot traffic of all time. Dumbbells, barbells and weight racks put too much stress on the floor. These are heavy equipment. In the long run, the weight becomes too much resulting to cracks and leaks. Stubborn stains appear too.

Recent statistics reveal 1 in 5 Americans visits the gym to get in shape. In 2013, there’s an increase of 6.4% centers that give a total number to 34,000 (Franchise Help, 2016).

Their floors, however, emerge as the biggest problem despite its revenue of $25.8 billion (IHRSA, May 2016). It becomes dirty and slippery, raising a red flag to gym's reputation. Less and less customers will sign up for a membership.

Vulcan Safety-Flex permanently solves floor problems. It's made of synthetic rubber that provides a cool barrier between heavy free weights and concrete floor. It also provides a shock absorbent material for heavy weight training.

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