Monday, February 2, 2015

The Recommended Basement Floor

basement stone flooring
It's true that a basement with concrete floor creates dampness and high humidity, which results to too much water vapor that will only tear the slab and foundation walls.

Finding the right floor covering; however, solves the problem. You might be wondering: Stone flooring or sheet linoleum vinyl?

Stone flooring and vinyl sheets are recommended covering applied over a stained and cracked concrete floor. Stone flooring is made up of fine stones blended with formulated epoxy. Sheet vinyl, on the other hand, is an organically produced material developed from ethene.

Stone flooring transforms your outdated concrete floor into a beautiful, invulnerable and breathing space. It totally covers ugly stain and patchy surfaces. Vinyl linoleum sheets are in demand among homeowners because of its cheap cost and standardized large rolls.

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